Christmas in France magazine and activities


A 26-page printable pdf magazine about Christmas in France. Includes songs, recipes, traditions, vocabulary, shopping, etc. in the magazine. Worksheets include a letter to Santa, New Year’s resolutions, vocabulary matching, true or false and more! Full color magazine can be printed in color or black and white.

Are you looking for a way to teach about Christmas in France with your students? Would you like your students to learn about the customs and traditions of a French Christmas but you aren’t sure where to start? This full-cover printable pdf magazine will help! Share it with your students online, project it to a screen, or print copies (note that there are many photos and backgrounds, it will print best in color).


The Christmas in France pdf magazine has 26 pages of readings and photos so your students can learn about the holiday while staying in the target language. Topics included in the magazine are:


  • Key vocabulary words of the season
  • How to find the perfect gift
  • Food specialties of the season
  • Christmas songs
  • Shopping at the Christmas markets
  • How to spend the holiday like a French person
  • Père Noël, Père Fouettard, and Saint Nicolas – what’s the difference?
  • Recipes of the season
  • Important dates
  • How to make Crêpes
  • Winter in France
  • Santons
  • A letter to Père Noël
  • New Year’s Eve celebrations


Once you’re read the magazine, there is a variety of student activities:


  • Compare and contrast: Christmas in the US vs. France
  • Shopping for gifts
  • Les Vitrines
  • Which one is it: Père Fouettard, Père Noël or Saint Nicolas?
  • Resolutions for the new year
  • Letter to Père Noël
  • Design a santon
  • Vocabulary matching activity
  • True or False

3 reviews for Christmas in France magazine and activities

  1. frenchified

    A beautiful, comprehensive and well organized resource. what an awesome way to experience french culture at christmastime. merci mille fois! – Francais with Mlle Feuille

  2. frenchified

    I love this resource! I can do as much or as little as I want, depending on my classes and time available. Nicely done! – Laura Stump

  3. frenchified

    Wow! So many options to use this magazine in class. Merci Bien 🙂 – April Reinhart

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