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French reading

Frenchified specializes in French reading activities, French digital games, French lesson plans and more!  We have a variety of French reading lesson plans – short stories, nonfiction, cultural readings and more.  Each lesson comes with a complete activity or lesson for teachers to use with a focus on comprehensible input.

Whether you are teaching in person using print resources or online with a digital focus, we have activities and games for you!  From complete units to teach grammar and vocabulary to short stories to quick activities that focus on specific topics or themes, you’ll find it at Frenchified!

Here’s what other teachers have said about Frenchified’s resources:

“I have been using this as a review of level 2 with my level 3 students. All of the wonderful materials have been giving me a chance to work on using CI lessons without the fear of “messing up” and my students not learning anything. After a rough hybrid level 2 course, I knew they needed some review but wanted materials to look and feel different than last year. This was perfect. I really hope you have more units coming. These fit in perfectly with the textbook that I have to use. Merci! ”

“I know that I will ALWAYS be satisfied with anything that I purchase from the Frenchified store. Heather puts a great deal of work into her resources, and it shows! This curriculum has been a huge time-saver for me and allows me to teach using CI without having to do all the work myself. Merci beaucoup!”