Updates to CI units!

updates to CI units

I have one more full week of summer vacation left and I’ve been using some of my time to make some updates to my level 1 and level 2 CI units. So if you currently use those, you’ll want to download them again, whether through the frenchified store or the TPT store.

What did I add to the CI units?

Here’s an idea of what’s new and what’s still to be done.

  • cosmetic update to the daily lesson plan – organize it in a table so it’s clearer and more consistent
  • add page numbers to the daily lesson plans to help you find the activities
  • run through all URLs to check for dead links and update them
  • add a set of printable word wall posters for the vocabulary in the unit
  • add an English version of the unfair game to review the unit story
  • add a French version of the unfair game to review the unit story

So far, I’ve updated units 1-8 for level 1. I will be working on level 2 next week.

Yet to come: I plan to make a Quizlet, Blooket and Gimkit game set for each unit. I’ll share those when they are available.

If you haven’t yet checked out the CI units, you really should! They are meant for teachers who want to make the leap to comprehensible input but are still needing a bit of structure, or for those who are required to follow a district textbook/curriculum and can’t do the more untargeted CI. Each unit includes everything you need to teach the basic structures and vocabulary that are taught in most level 1 textbooks. You can read a bit more and see what exactly is included in each unit in my page about the French CI units. Each unit ends with a unit story, assessment and even an animated video!

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