5 Easy ways to use Canva in world language classes

using canva in world language classes

A couple of weeks ago, I shared a post about using Canva in world language classes to make opener graphics for use in Desmos.  But there are so many other things you can do with Canva – whether online or in the physical classroom.  Since teachers can get a free account, why not give it a try?  Here are some of the things you might use Canva for.

Creative ways to use Canva in world language

Virtual background/agenda screen – One way to use canva in world language is to make a graphic to use as your background for virtual meetings.  The same graphic can also be used as a graphic organizer for your day. 

I have a template that is 1920X1060 and has a space for a large image in the background, and a box for text on top of it.  In the text book I put the day’s date, any announcements such as birthdays, and whatever the plans are for that day. Vocabulary cards – you can easily make flashcards/word wall cards that can be shared either virtually or in print.  It’s super easy to grab a nice template and then add an image and the text for a vocabulary word.  They can be printed out and posted in the classroom, or shared to a social media account for students to follow.

5 Easy ways to use Canva in world language classes

Quote cards – you can use a template to make a quote card.  Either post them in the classroom, or share them on social media.  You don’t have to just use old quotes from famous people – if you see a good tweet or other short post on social media, use that!  

5 Easy ways to use Canva in world language classes

Posters – want to make a poster for your classroom?  Whether it’s a travel-style poster or a chart of vocabulary, Canva has some great templates. A syllabus – you can set up your syllabus/plan for success in Canva.  Add some graphics and a nice layout and what was a boring wall of text becomes a work of graphic design art. You can use canva for world language posters – or any subject at all!

Vocabulary/anchor chart – This is one of the most useful ways to use Canva in world language classes – or any class that has vocabulary! Make an organized list of vocabulary to use as a study guide, or an anchor chart showing how to write a topical sentence or paragraph.  With the right graphics, you can give students a formula for making complete sentences that make sense.

Student work – you can also have students use Canva in world language classes to make posters and projects in the target language.  Have them write a quick blurb about their most recent FVR (free voluntary reading) – they can even put a photo of the cover on the graphic.  If they are doing research into a monument, country, or region, have them make a travel poster or ad. The free/educational version of Canva is great.  But if you want access to all of the different features, you may choose to upgrade.  If you do, here’s a link that will get you (and me) a freebie.

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