Joan of Arc lesson – Comprehensible Input

Joan of Arc lesson - Comprehensible Input

Joan of Arc is one of the biggest names in French history. Her story is also inspirational to students, as she was only a teen when she changed the course of history. This Joan of Arc lesson using comprehensible input tells the basics of her story in very simple French that students can understand very early on. There are three target structures (la voix dit, doit, a ___ ans) and a PowerPoint that uses these structures with lots of repetition. There is also a story retell worksheets (oral and written), a comprehension worksheet, a grammar explanation and practice activity for the verb devoir, answer key and sheet with links to other useful related resources online.

If you enjoy this Joan of Arc lesson, you may be interested in some of the other nonfiction comprehensible input lessons available in the Frenchified store. You will find lessons about topics such as Versailles, Thomas Pesquet, the TGV, the Eiffel Tower, Vincent Van Gogh, fashion, the Loire Valley Castles, Napoleon Bonaparte, New Year’s Celebrations, Martinique, Francophone Africa, D-Day, the cathedral of Notre Dame and more!

Each lesson includes a PowerPoint, a printable reading version of the text, comprehension questions, a grammar explanation, a practice activity, and answer key. These are fun to use when you don’t want to come up with a silly story or you just need a little help coming up with a topic. Some are easy enough to do in level 1 French while others are a bit more advanced.

What is in the Joan of Arc lesson

Joan of Arc lesson - what's included
Joan of Arc lesson - screenshots of text
Joan of Arc lesson - worksheet screenshot
Joan of Arc lesson - answer key screenshot

You can find this lesson here.

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