Le Lycée CI lesson

Le Lycée CI lesson

Woohoo, I go back to work tomorrow and managed to finish this Le Lycée CI lesson just in time. It’s a CI lesson about school. Everyone talks about school in first year French and my students love learning about the similarities and differences between the US and French systems. The target structures are: il aime/il n’aime pas est/n’est pas la clase de intéressant The PowerPoint has a lot of slides in it, and I could see it easily taking an entire class period to get through – especially if you are doing CI right, with lots of stopping and asking students about their own lives. You can find Comprehensible Input – Le Lycée here.

Once you’ve used the PowerPoint in the Le Lycée CI lesson, you can use the comprehension questions and story retell activity to discuss the topic further. I always like to get a few different school schedules to do a compare/contrast activity. My students are usually amazed at how many different subjects students have to study each week!

What will you find in this le lycée CI lesson?

Le Lycée CI lesson screenshot of PowerPoint
Le Lycée CI lesson screenshot of Resources
Le Lycée CI lesson screenshot of comprehension questions
Le Lycée CI lesson screenshot of reading and story retell

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