I’ve been seeing lots of ads for a new Yoplait yogurt, French-style Oui. It comes in several flavors and from what I hear, the coconut is delicious. The store I went to was sold out of coconut, so that might be true. I bought a blueberry to give it a shot.

I absolutely loved Danon’s la crème yogurt – sadly, they stopped making it. It was creamy, and tasted like dessert instead of regular yogurt. As far as desserts go, it was fairly healthy. My favorite was the raspberry. I’m hoping that the Oui yogurt is similar. It’s kind of expensive though – $1.49 for one little jar. They are cute jars, though – glass, so they can be washed and reused for something. I’m not sure what as I already have a collection of Bonne Maman jars and I’ve run out of things to put in them!

It turns out that Oui isn’t really exactly like la creme – it’s more like a Greek yogurt in texture (pretty thick) but less tart. It’s not as sweet as typical American flavored yogurts. It was good – but I wouldn’t say it’s a dessert yogurt. It’s also kind of expensive – It was $1.40 for one pot at Fry’s, and Winco has it for $1.21. I make a batch of yogurt each week and the cost is only the cost of a gallon of milk and I get nearly a gallon of yogurt out of it – which I can then flavor as sweet or fruity as I like. I also know that the yogurt I make has live and active cultures, while I don’t believe Oui does. So I probably won’t find this a necessity to purchase in the future.

The other interesting thing about this yogurt is that Yoplait has made an entire series of commercials about them. They tell the story of “the French girl” with tons of French stereotypes. Or, I should say American stereotypes about French people. They are interesting enough that I’ll use them next week in class as a prompt to talk about stereotypes and French culture in general.

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