Well, one more week down! Everything is settling down, the kids are used to their schedules and now that the pre-test is done I can start teaching!

We started the week by learning about introducing oneself. We talked about nationalities and where people are from. I learned a few new names and where my students are from. Some of them were creative and decided to be French or Italian or Japanese instead of American. We picked on Justin Bieber a little bit. Ok, a lot.

On Tuesday the kids had their first assessment – the presentational speaking test for unit 1. Nothing too difficult – just introduce yourself with your name, nationality and city you are from. None of them were particularly stressed about it and they all finished their test within a few minutes. I think it’s important for them to feel successful on that first test – it’s stressful for them to take a speaking test because most of them have never done this before. I don’t think anyone was scared off!

Wednesday was a district late start day, so I only had 30 minutes with each class. We went over the usage of the online passport system in preparation for Thursday.

We used the lab for the first time on Thursday. Our district recently adopted T’es Branché, so this is new for everyone. There were (of course) a few glitches here and there, but most of the kids were able to accomplish the tasks I set up for them.

Friday we were back in the classroom. We did our song of the week – Shy’M ‘Si tu m’aimes encore.’ We talked about est-ce que and what she meant by ‘even writing I love you in white ink doesn’t make sense.’ The kids talked a little about the merits of dealing with a breakup slowly vs. ripping the band-aid off. It’s a catchy song, but the video was a bit meh for me. I’m not a huge fan of dance, so I’m sure that’s why.

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