This week we were back to school. It’s not quite the end of the week yet, but almost! Here’s our weekly wrap-up. It’s kind of tricky the first week because I don’t like to waste time, but you can’t really teach too much with the movement of students getting dropped and added. Plus, before the pre-test you don’t want to skew the baseline by doing too much.

Monday – everyone always talks about rules, expectations, etc. I do this, but only a little bit. Only some of the big things they need to know right away. This week’s password is “bonjour, Madame.” I greeted each student at the door every day, said bonjour, and they responded with the password. We talked about shaking hands vs. la bise and I gave them the choice of which one they want to do with their classmates. No surprise, they all chose the handshake!

Tuesday – a little more of the rules, and then introductions. We did some circling with je m’appelle, comment t’appelles-tu, et toi, and j’aime. We talked a bit about likes and dislikes. As always, Justin Bieber is fun to throw into the conversation. Trump and Kanye are also ones that came up.

Wednesday – the alphabet! We watched the creepy alphabet song, and sang it a few times, then practiced spelling some names. The song is catchy but annoying after listening to it all day long!

Thursday – we added the accent marks. It was also the day for the song of the week. This week we looked at Black M’s Sur Ma Route. Yeah, it’s a couple of years old but it’s a great song and has a ton of cognates! I made a lyrics handout with the cognates so the kids could follow along.

Friday – pre-test day! Not much else going on since the test takes most of the hour.

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