School starts on Monday and I’ve been able to get back into my classroom. It wasn’t as badly messed up as in past years, and it didn’t take very long to get things arranged to the way they were before summer school, before the English curriculum roll-out meetings, before the yearly waxing of the floors.

I did get a few new things for my classroom and I was excited to put them up. I’m teaching newspaper again this year, but they wired my room over the summer with some ports so instead of getting the computer cart, I had to round up some tables and set them up at the back of the room. I really like to focus on journalistic ethics and the rights/responsibilities of a free press – so I made this poster of the first amendment for my walls. I’m going to hang a bunch of smaller posters with quotes about the freedom of the press so it won’t look so alone hanging up there.

The second thing I got was a clock. Sure, I had one in my room – but it was boring and the silly thing wasn’t working consistently. Despite changing the battery multiple times, it would run and then stop for hours, then magically start up again. I found this one at Wal-Mart and it matches the color of my cabinets. Well worth the $3.88!

And finally, the word wall! I found this string gallery on Amazon during Prime Day and thought it would make a great word wall. No tape, just some clips. The little blocks have adhesive, so super easy to hang – even on my horrible concrete walls that won’t take a nail, screw, or anything else! There are 40 clips, 5 strings – so I figure we can put up quite a few words! I plan to color code them – masculine, feminine, expressions, verbs, adjectives.

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