A full 5-day week! Well, almost. We did have a short day for district meetings, so let’s say a 4.5 day week.

On Monday, we started off with learning the parts of the body. I had students draw a generic person on a page in their notebooks, then we labeled the various parts. They had fun drawing weird (or normal) looking people. We played a little bit of Simon Says, only without the Simon Says part – they touched the part I called out, first with me modelling but eventually I would do something other than what I called out.

Tuesday, we talked about the upcoming IC test. They will be testing with a partner, one will be the doctor and the other the patient. We went over the different lines a doctor would say, and those a patient would say. They have a practice sheet that looks just like the real one – only different names and symptoms. I told them to have fun with it – their diagnoses don’t need to be correct, so if you want to tell your “patient” who came in with a weird bend and pain the leg after falling down skiing that he’s pregnant, go for it!

Wednesday was our short day. I don’t use the textbook very often, but lesson 19 from DF Blanc has reflexive verbs, so we did that.

Thursday was lab day! We worked on Voces again. I haven’t decided how I feel about it. It’s definitely good for grammar and vocab practice, but doesn’t feel as “real world” as the lessons I make for myself do. They aren’t visiting authentic sites, which is something they enjoy doing.

Friday – music video day, since we skipped on Thursday. This week’s song was A nous from the Robin des Bois musical. We talked about Hamilton and the different spectacle musicales that have come out in France over the past few years.

À nous (Extrait de «Robin des Bois») from Mundo 4k on Vimeo.

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