This week was our first week back after the winter break.  We’re starting unit 3, which focuses on daily routines and wellness.  The focus this week was reflexive verbs.  We started with a fun graphic for vocabulary that the students put in their notebooks, with French vocabulary number on the opposing page.  I am sure they enjoyed picture #19!  Next week I plan to use the “messed up” version of the photos, which shows people doing things incorrectly – brushing their teeth with a comb, clipping their nails at the dinner table, etc.

Our song of the week was Comme d’Habitude by M. Pokora.  I hadn’t realized that it was originally a French song, and the English version came later.  There are lots of reflexive verbs in the song so it was perfect for this week.  We read the lyrics and discussed whether it was a happy or sad song.

For bell work on Thursday, we read about Thomas Pesquet.  He’s an interesting guy – a scientist, engineer, athlete, musician and now astronaut!  He gave a holiday message from the ISS that we watched.

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