Over the break, our rooms were painted.  They had been a pukey green color – pistachio, maybe?  Anyway, they were the color that Pepto Bismol would be if it were green instead of pink.

Anyway, now that we’re back I’m deciding what to put up on the walls.  One of the things that went up first was a framed image and some wall decals from Le Petit Prince.  I didn’t want to put the decals up on the green wall, but on the white they look great.  I’ve ordered a few more wall decals but probably won’t get them for a couple of weeks.  You can get the wall decals at many craft stores as well as Amazon, but if you want to have a wider variety Ali Express has a bunch of them.  They are cheap but can take a while to get to you because they are coming from China.

Putting up the decals wasn’t particularly difficult.  This particular decal was a little troublesome with the tiny details, but nothing horrible.  For the stars, I basically just peeled them off the paper and stuck them directly to the wall.  For the prince and tiny detailed area, you have to use the transfer paper.  Basically, it feels like plastic wrap and is mildly sticky.  You rub the decals onto the plastic wrap so everything stays in place, then put the decal against the wall and rub on the plastic wrap side to make it stay on the wall.

Since I’m teaching 1st and 2nd year only, I may never get to teach le Petit Prince.  But it’s a great story and the images are so cute, it gets the kids interested in it so when they get to 3rd year they’ll be excited to read it!



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